Located in Canada, the capital of the province of Ontario, Toronto is a world reference region in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. One of the largest, most innovative and collaborative ecosystem of the world, where are located the major players in the world, as well as all kinds of startup, with the active and functional networking and voracious investors. It is the largest financial center in all of Canada.
Your company plan to go to the next level and expand the business to Toronto? His company breathes innovation and entrepreneurship and wants to benefit from all that is emerging in one of the largest global innovation markets to apply the Brazilian local market? Would you like to know personally Toronto and feel the skin culture? I would like to support to take your business to Canada more quickly and cheaply, ensuring return on investment in a few months?

Business Mission

We carry out International Business Missions in Toronto, in order to connect the professional or the Brazilian company with new startups and big-corps, for an exchange of knowledge, with the goal of changing Mindset and immersion in one of the most innovative ecosystems and collaborative world. Prepared for hundreds of daily Insights?

• Access to large companies and top Startups
• more collaborative Networking World
• Better selection of open and closed events
• Insights and innovation all the time
• Cultural Immersion
• Save time, money and accelerate your business / career
Internationalization of Companies

Want to take your business to Toronto? Together we can make this dream a reality!
It is possible and affordable for entrepreneurs who wish to have your company selling in Canada.
The IT 2 Business has expertise in the regional market. With a team in place, an analysis of your company is made to validate the proposal of the "go to market" and thus saving time and money in the internationalization of its business.

How it works?
  • Data analysis ▼

      • Market mapping
      • Differential
      • Possible partners and stakeholders
      • Demographic factors, regulatory and political
      • SWOT Analysis
  • Structuring Plan ▼

      • Detailed Analysis
      • Competitive Business Model Adaptation
      • Marketing
      • Settings in Setup, and onboarding service
      • Strategic Plan and goals
  • Start Sales ▼

      • Sales Pipeline
      • Cold Calls and scheduling meetings
      • Close partnership program
      • Negotiations and sales
      • Networking and Pitch events
      • Open formal company

We bring innovation in Canada for your business. The Toronto Innovation Lab is where we allocate a team (dedicated or shared), on Canadian soil. Our team will be responsible for daily seek solutions, innovative technologies and trends for laboratory along with you test the applicability within your reality / need and care for its operation in Brazil. Accelerate growth, pursue new technologies and trends, test applicability be highlighted before the competitors keep your business always up to date and "side by side" with the startup ecosystem Toronto. Lead to their differential client to the most current needs of them is what we will do together! We bring innovation to Canada within your company?