Tech Strategies

At many times we need a support that only an external look can bring, focusing on having a positive and immediate impact on the conduct of a department or even the whole business. In this sense, we have placed our Strategic Consulting Technology on the market, based on the best practices, trends and models used in Silicon Valley, world technology and innovation granary. We are here to help you if you need specialized support and using the "language" that matters: The language of your business.

IT Consulting
Online and/or Face-to-face

The IT2Business Strategic Consulting Technology adds presenting ideas and solutions to every business needs, adding the efficient use of technology solutions, customized for your company. By knowing and understanding about your business, it identifies the needs, structures a plan of action and, in line with the company's purposes, leads to its execution.
Here are some examples of Strategic Technology Consulting practices:
• Internal team training in new technologies;
• Define or evolve systemic platforms;
• Support in the mobile journey;
• Implement technical safety and compliance structures;
• Structure or restructure the Technology department;
• Support with technical support for strategic business decisions.
Digital Transformation
Online and / or Face-to-face

Digital transformation is the result of a digitization of an organization. As technology advances, enabling the application of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), we can scale digital transformation to encompass more sectors of the economy. Complete digital transformation is a process that is part of virtually every area of an organization, not just the IT area. Its application is comprehensive and not restricted only as a means of interaction between B2C or B2B, it is a means of using technology intelligently for the entire population. Making it possible to perform tasks in a more practical, independent and automated way.

With IT2Business, we support your company in achieving business goals through the efficient and effective use of Technology. Count on our Silicon Valley staff to strengthen your IT area or even your entire venture. We are ready to help you continue to grow, providing vision and practical solutions to make your business even stronger and more successful!