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Silicon Valley is a famous region known by some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley is composed by many cities like Palo Alto, Los Gatos, San José, Oakland, Sunnyvale and San Francisco. Here are some of the companies in the region:

• Google;
• Facebook;
• Apple;
• Oracle;
• Uber;
• Air-BNB;
• IBM and more...

This service offers the possibility of a local unity and direct connection with the Silicon Valley. Beyond a partnership, we want to help your company reach the most famous places in the world, creating business opportunities and exchanging knowledge.

Our expertise allows that we can do this in a fast and incisive way. IT2Business has influence, as well as a very strong and active network in the Valley. We have a local team that knows the biggest business accelerators, VIP presence in companies and events, and we also have investors and mentors ready to support you conquer the most famous tech region in the world.

Do you plan on reaching the next level and expanding your business to the Silicon Valley? Do you breathe innovation and entrepreneurship, and would like to know all about the biggest tech market that you can apply in your local business? Do you want to visit the Silicon Valley and feel the culture? Do you need help to take your company to the Valley in a fast and cheap way?

Get in touch with us right now and share your dream. We are eager to help you!

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