About Us


Connecting is the word that best defines IT 2 Business. Initially, connect Technology and Business and evolve to connect Brazil with USA, Canada and China.
Efficient application of technology, generating value for the business of our customers and partners.
Fostering Brazilian entrepreneurship through education and technology.
Support the Brazilian entrepreneur to expand his business horizons, whether to sell, study the international market or import innovation, to Silicon Valley (CA - USA), Toronto (ON - Canada) and Hong Kong (HK - China).


Acting worldwide in the areas of technology, national and international business, entrepreneurship, innovation and education.
Being a world reference in the areas of activity, seeking to have a foundation role in the development of society, business and people.


We faithfully believe in personal relationships and that people are the greatest asset of companies.
We believe in healthy, long-term relationships and win-win spirit. That is why our work is always based on transparency, ethics, loyalty and trust in all our relations, with our customers, partners, suppliers, employees, partners and also with society.


IT 2 Business was born with the purpose of innovating the relationship between business and technology within companies.
The purpose of the organization when it was created was to make available to the world market access to affordable (fast and cheap) technology, applied to the vital needs of companies.
In the 21st century, at the height of the Information Age, Technology is the beginning, middle or end product of any company.
We were born with the purpose of supporting companies and synergistically making an efficient connection between information technology and business.
As our name says, Information Technology(IT) To (2 – Two/To) Business.